2020 Atlantic Challenge

Saturday, August 22, 2020, 30 cyclists and 20 support drivers will embark on an epic 8-day cycling adventure covering over 3,000 km to raise funds to support cancer patients at Wellspring. The cyclists will ride in pelotons (teams), for six hours, and cover up to 120 km/day, until they reach Halifax on August 29.

Upon arrival in Halifax , the cyclists will be greeted by their family, friends and a team of Wellspring Warriors – individuals who are currently or have gone through the cancer journey. These Warriors provide cyclists with experiential motivation to continue their challenging journey as they relentlessly work towards their destination.


What is the Wellspring Ride for Cancer Support?

It's an epic life adventure, an adrenaline kick, it’s friends for life and it's the thrilling challenge of the body, mind and spirit, all coming together to achieve a milestone. Completing the Wellspring Ride for Cancer Support is an impressive accomplishment that only a few have the privilege of boasting, and it is an inspiring story of being able to help support those most in need.

What the Wellspring Ride for Cancer Support is not, is another typical group charity ride. Instead, it's a unique cycling challenge in which teams of cyclists (pelotons) ride together for six hours at a time, travelling distances of approximately 120 km for 8 days, to travel more than 3,000 km to raise funds to support those living with cancer. 

And only 30 riders will get this opportunity to change their lives and the lives of someone living with cancer. 

Advanced training, some special gear (a bicycle), and a big heart are all you need to be part of the next epic cycling adventure that will take you from Toronto to Halifax.


Watch these videos to learn more about The Wellspring Ride for Cancer Support.

This is What Awesome Looks Like!


Are you Awesome Enough?


2016 Ride Highlight Video


2014 Ride Highlight Video